WhatsApp to bring a new feature on your chat app

WhatsApp is currently working on a feature to stop the annoyance on your chat to bring you peace with respect to your phone notifications.

It’s obvious that each of us belongs to one group or the more on our WhatsApp and sometimes we don’t feel like chatting or replying to messages so we rather don’t read those messages so they won’t notice our presence.

Often times we try muting those chat groups for a period of time which is the period of time the chat app gave which is (8 hours, a week, and a year) and of which after that period of time we still tend to continue doing that action.

There are so many reasons why people would want to mute a chat without leaving the group for good which is the option gave to us. Muting a chat does not stop your phone from ringing when it receives a voice call, but it won’t be notified when a message is sent to you. WhatsApp is currently looking for a better option of switching to an ever-lasting mute always.

I’m sure this would make much more sense to those you don’t chat for a long while cause there is a probability of not hearing from them again.

For some unknown reasons, the new setting has not yet been launched out so until then we all have to be resetting mute setting after each period elapses.

In case you don’t know how to mute a group chat or status I would be showing you how to do that easily.

How to mute a WhatsApp group chat.

  • Open WhatsApp app on your mobile phone.
  • Enter into the group chat you would lie to mute
  • Click on the group subject
  • Select mute notifications
  • Tap on the period of time you would want this to happen
  • Click on ok.

How to mute a WhatsApp status.

  • Open to your WhatsApp app
  • Tab on status
  • Select and hold the persons status you want to mute
  • Click on mute

By doing this action you would no longer see that person’s status until you unmute the person.

Whiles, we are all waiting for this new setting which would be available in a few months from now, let’s keep up with what we have already at hand so we won’t be disturbed with messages from groups

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