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Are you thinking of having your own whatsapp group where you can interact with your friends, then this content is for you. you would learn how to create a group of your own and how to send a message to the group for everyone to see.

WhatsApp is one of most common used social media that allows easy sending of messages within a sec to any one in any part of the world.

it’s no longer news that we dent have to be sending messages differently to each person’s where there now a forum for members to join a group and by just sending of one message in that group it as automatically gotten to everyone in that group.

you can as well decide to send a message differently to each person’s one after the other they will all get the message but the group functions better when the members in that group have a common deal to achieve or purpose for the group so its best instead of communicating differently to each other that message can be passed a crossed once to every member of the group.

WhatsApp group allows a large number of members if I’m not mistaking a number above 200 persons can join a particular group.

i would be showing you how you can create a WhatsApp group for your friends, family, business etc. and also how to send messages to the group.

How to Create a WhatsApp Group.

Carefully follow the steps below and create your WhatsApp group in less than few minutes

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • click on the 3 dots at the top right hand side of your WhatsApp
  • click on NEW GROUP
  • Add participants that you want from your contact
  • After you are done selecting on the participants, click on the arrow at the down part of your screen in a green circle
  • Give your group a name and you can add picture from your gallery to the group icon
  • Click on the green arrow, and there you have your WhatsApp group created by you.

How to Send Message to A WhatsApp Group.

This is actually no difference from the normal way you have been sending messages to your WhatsApp contacts.

  • click on the WhatsApp group that you have created to open
  • Tap on the text bar to write.
  • Click on the send icon.

By following just this simple steps you have successfully sent a message to everyone in your group a message within a sec not withstanding their reach.

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