The wireless DeX Mode feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra is one of the most recent phones with amazing features of which you need to check out the wireless DeX mode Samsung has always been outstanding when it has to do with technology to give its customers preferable satisfaction while using its product.

The Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra is one of the top and expensive phones and of cos, many crave to use it because of its unique build and features from the S pen improvement, 120Hz display to a 50x zoom camera, and of cos the DeX Mode.

One of its coolest features is the Wireless DeX mode which allows you to do things that other products of phones cannot do. This should be the very first-time DeX goes completely without a wire connection on a Samsung phone, which makes it appear more like a desktop mode on TVs, giving you the access to run multiple apps at the same time on the big screen. You are also permitted to watch videos, stream movies, and also play games whiles connected to your tv.

How to use the DeX mode on your Tv.

Here are the simple ways in which you can start using your wireless DeX mode on your tv.

  • Slide down from the top of the note 20 Ultra display
  • Tab the DeX button.
  • A search would go on immediately to search for the nearest tv or streaming devices that support the miracast standard
  • After the search has been done, the Samsung DeX logo would appear on your tv screen with a desktop view. It would show the different apps icons from your phone like the google app, the gallery, file, etc.

What can you do with the wireless DeX mode?

There lots of things you can do with the DeX mode whiles it’s still connected to your tv of which I would list a few below

  • You can view your images from the google photo app that was shot with Note 20 Ultra via big screen but you can as well switch into a full-screen mode, in its case, it would be more fun to view with family and friends
  • You can always run your Netflix whiles connected to your tv to watch movies.
  • You can as well play games whiles connected to the tv.
  • You can as well some of your social media app whiles connected to the tv like twitter, Facebook, etc.

There are lots more one can do with the wireless DeX mode feature on the Samsung Note 20 Ultra without a dock or dongle and also the desktop view that allows you to do multiple tasks.

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