The new Samsung odyssey g9 gaming monitor is a new monitor specially built to improve the quality view of gaming other amazing features attached to it, before now the first gaming monitor was odyssey G7 which came in two different sizes, the first was sizes, 27 and 32 inches. And now Samsung is out with a bigger size which is the new odyssey g9 gaming monitor built-in 49 inch.

There are differences between these two gaming monitors which are not just in the sizes, the odyssey G9s display is 5120 x 1440 resolution and the G7s are 25 x 1440 resolution. The brightness of G7 cannot be compared to that of G9 because the version rating of G9 is HDR1000 and HDR600 for G7. Both monitors look alike from a distance but still have their differences, the G9 has a glossy white plastic on the back while the G7 makes use of matte black plastic around the back with blue triangular vents on the front.

Features of Samsung odyssey G9 gaming monitor.

I would be showing you some basic features that make G9 different from what you have been seeing.

  • The G9 is built in a curvy shape
  • G9 has the infinity core lighting design
  • The G9 has a dual QHD display
  • The G9 is compactable
  • G9 allows you to do different things at the same time.

So for my game lovers, you should get the new Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming monitor to have a more exciting moment while playing your game. It gives you more feel of reality and expression in view and keeps you in a good position of winning.

I’m sure some of us would be wondering what another gadget is remaining to be out after seeing some mighty gadget with amazing features whiles up till date some of us haven’t get in touch with this gadget and now Samsung is out with another one SAMSUNG ODYSSEY G9 GAMING MONITOR., well my advice is if you are opportune to get this new G9 gaming monitor you should get it fast and enjoy the current and latest features of technology before something new is been released.

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