Privacy Policy put up this privacy policy with the aim of making you understand the Information’s we gather and put for our audience and the uniqueness of all our posts while using our site. is dedicated to giving well researched and informative information’s, and our team are really ensuring that whatever info you get from this site is highly helpful and needful to all our audience we also make sure that your privacy while making use of our site is protected. subsequently request for your personal details which we would be making use off as an identity while making use of our website. We also ensure that all information’s given to use will not be given out to a third party.

As time goes on would be updating its privacy policy and so we advise that you always check on the site as time counts to ensure your comfort with the site.

Personal details that would be needed includes

  • Your Name
  • Job description
  • Contact info
  • Customer survey

These information’s would be used to provide a better service to our audience as to keep a good internal record and also expand our products and services would always ensure that your information’s are not leaked to anyone else aside out team. Therefore to avoid unauthorized access or disclosure, we have applied suitable electronic, physical and decision making process to keep and secure your information’s given to us by you.

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