Patricia gift card is a safe and secure platform that provides a solution to payment with the use of Bitcoin. this is not a bank but you can simply say that it’s more than a bank.

Patricia offers a very good means or method of transferring funds to anyone you wish to share your money with in the world. Which is to say that its easy access to transfer your fund to anyone. With Patricia you can meet up to your everyday needs and more without stress or much delay, you can withdraw your BTC in cash all you need is to just make use of your Patricia debit card.

I will say here that Patricia is Bitcoin made easy, it brings everyone (All Africans) to the awareness that we are in the 21st century, which is also a digital Age.

It may also interest you to know that Patricia is a well-known registered company with the name PATRICIA TECHNOLOGIES with the registration number (1484208).so you have no fear in trading (Buying and selling) of your Gift Card.

Patricia technologies were found by FEJIRO HANU AGBODJE. So you see Patricia isn’t a scam, it’s a very well-known company that does its swift service and delivery so fast.

On Patricia, you can as well sell and buy BTC all you need do is to just check for the Trade BTC button at the bottom of your screen and click on it, it’s boldly displayed there, then you select either sell or buy according to the one you want to do.

Patricia is also a legit platform that you can trade your Gift Card, which means it enables you to sell and buy your Gift Card when needed.

It may also interest you to know that on Patricia you can buy Data and Airtime of any network Just with you Bitcoin, you can as well purchase Gift Card with your Bitcoin, on Patricia you can carry out your cable subscription and also pay your electricity bills. But before you can do all these things you must Bitcoin wallet.

Do you know what a Bitcoin wallet is? A bitcoin wallet helps you keep a secret piece of data called a Patricia key or seed which is used to sign transactions, and it also helps in providing a mathematical proof that they have all come from the owner of the wallet.

Patricia is an easy way to cash out your BTC, Download, and enjoy the fastest way of trading your gift cards.

Patricia is mainly based on the exchange of BTC.

Patricia technologies limited are currently located in Lagos Nigeria and it has about 15 employees for now across all locations.

You can make use of your Patricia card to your online purchases anywhere you are.

Patricia has also made it very easy and simple for you to withdraw cash directly from your BTC wallet at any ATM

Tips on How to get your magic card (Patricia).

  • You may need to open an account with Patricia.
  • Make selection of card “card request” and scroll to Customization, with this you can select how you want your card.
  • Card delivery. Select how fast you want your card to be delivered to you.
  • Activation. Then you may need to follow other instructions on your profile to activate your card.

Patricia is always at the services of all Patricia customers, so if you don’t want to use a BTC card we can still get you a card

Patricia bitcoin made easy

Download Patricia App and get started either on play store or apple store.

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