The new Facebook classic mood is one of the newest feature Currently Facebook is sending new messages or notifications to every user notifying them on the new Facebook classical mode which would require them to test run.

Facebook has consistently been updating their app so it’s no news or strange if you get message of this new one which is the new Facebook classical mood

All you need do when you get message from Facebook is to just quickly switch to its new mood and you would be taken to a new setting of Facebook unlike what you have seen.

i would be showing you how to switch to either the new Facebook classic mode or back to the old mode for some of us who prefers the old Facebook to the new one.

I’m sure the reason for Facebook to be coming up with new inventions is to make it easier for people to use and also to always get your mind on something new from the usual you have always seen so you won’t get bored of using the app.

You really want to know what’s difference in this new Facebook , i would show you below.


  • the texts of this is bigger and it makes it easier for readers to see clearly
  • It is fast in loading, so you don’t have to wait for so long.
  • you can turn to a dark mode to help your eye sight
  • The designs of the new Facebook are friendlier which gives easy accessibility to users.

This sounds interesting and convincing already right?

Now let me show you how you can easily switch from your new Facebook to classic Facebook.


Kindly follow the steps below accordingly.

  • open your Facebook app
  • Click on the arrow facing down at the top right side of your Facebook page.
  • Select switch to classic Facebook
  • State your reason for wanting to switch back or you can skip it if there be no reason.
  • You are now switched back to new Facebook classic mood

These steps are very easy and once you are done with it you now on your classic Facebook.

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