Kuda Bank || how to operate with kuda

Kuda bank is online banking that has no charges attached to it. It’s the first Nigeria online mobile bank that has been license by the Central Bank of Nigeria. In kuda, all deposits are insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance company (NDIC).

Kuda bank was founded in the year 2010 and a part of the 2018 Cohort and now expanded, they operate globally with 20 and above industry programmers in a key location such as; New York, Mexico City, Singapore, Chengde, Berlin, Dubai, Cape Town, Hartford, San Francisco.

Kuda bank was founded by BABS OGUNDEYI. He is the CEO of kuda bank, according to him, He made known to TechCrunch that is the first digital-only bank in Nigeria with a standalone license.

OGUNDEYI is a founder of a classified Publication and worked in a financial advisory role to the Nigerian government.

In kuda bank, everything is free no stump duty.

Card Maintenance is free, both transfer and other banking activities.

In kuda banks, you can easily make the transfer without being worried about the charges.

Kuda bank helps you safe your money until you are ready to use it, with kuda banking App you can make a transfer from your kuda account to other accounts without any stress

How kuda bank operates

  • kuda bank gives you more assurance no doubt.
  • Kuda account is very easy to access
  • With kuda bank, you can easily monitor your money just with your kuda App.
  • Kuda bank offers the simplest and easiest banking method.
  • Kuda offers a checking account with no monthly payment, they offer a free debit card and plan to offer customer saving and P2P payment.
  • . Each kuda clients get 25 free exchange to other banks each month and all kuda account holders can too store cash in over 10,000 branches over Nigeria without charge

You can open a kuda bank account in less than 5 minutes, just do all the KYC in the app. Kuda is in Nigeria now but we have a plan of building a Pan-African digital-only bank that said the CEO, Nigeria has already held the dual distinction as Africa’s largest economy and populous country with 190 million personalities.

Fintech Nigeria started kuda. London and Lagos’s based companies recently lunch the newest and the better version of its online mobile financial platform.

Kuda received its banking license from the central bank of Nigeria giving it a different background compared to the fintech startups.

Kuda can also take deposits and connect directly to the switch, they have built their full-stack banking software.

MUSTY MUSTAPHA, one of the investor and OGUNDEYI the CEO teamed up and were able to convince investor Haresh ASWANI to lead the $1.6million pre-seed funding alongside other investors.

Kuda has a plan to enlarge and expand shortly because they have a corresponding relationship with the three largest financial institutions in Nigeria, which is Access Bank, Zenith Bank, and GTB Bank, who are partners.

All kuda customers can make use of the above-mentioned bank branches and ATM for withdrawal and payment into any account without any fee attached to it.

The CEO of Kuda bank BABS OGUNDEYI has a belief that kuda can help you manage your fund.

Kuda offers the best banking experience, transfers, and credit your account with no stress. Your money is secured, free from risk, and danger not likely to fail when you need your money, it assures you full-time service without stressing yourself, and they have the largest network in the country.

How to open a kuda account

  • Download the kuda App to get started
  • Sign up via the kuda App and get started, it’s quick and easy.

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