Instagram launched a new feature “REELS”

Finally, Instagram has just launched out the new amazing feature to every user, the new feature called REELS, is most likely to be more familiar with users on TikTok.

This new feature has already been circulated in over 50 countries that are to tell you the number of users who have been waiting for this feature to be out. Reels is a short video feature that allows users to make a short video of themselves for about 15 seconds just like the TikTok video which after it can be edited before sharing on your feed news or story.

Also, REELS has its own page on Instagram where users can view through reels videos that are been uploaded for other users to view.

There have been a lot of comments concerning the new feature which one of it is the much similarities with the TikTok app and of such some persons might no longer be using the TikTok app because of this new feature but never the less this new feature is just to keep the users more connected to the app day by day and also there is some difference that they both have.

Differences between Reels and TikTok.

  • The Reels features offer more editing tools than that of TikTok which includes (speed control, AR effects, etc.)
  • Addition of original audio to a video of which the audio would be attributed to you and other users can make use of it.
  • Reels video can be shared to get a wider view as long as your account is public. You can as well send as DM to users on Instagram.

These few out of many already states the little difference of both app so as not to conflict, anyone, yes to may have similar features by surely there must be a slight difference.

How to make your reels video on Instagram

Below I would be showing the simple steps in making your reels video, for those who already used TikTok then this shouldn’t be difficult for you.

  • Open to your Instagram account
  • Click on your Instagram camera
  • Select reels on the scroll bars
  • Pick any audio suitable for your video
  • Set the speed limit
  • Choose a good filter
  • Set your timer to choose how long the video clip will be
  • Hold on to the centre button to record
  • Write your caption after you are done with the recording
  • Post video.

You can choose to make your reels video private and public for viewers to see is to post reels on your news feed, you can as well send us a DM to individuals and as well post on stories. By doing this you can get a large number of viewers on your reels video.

To watch other users reels video, click on the search box on the toolbar and select the reels which are the features displayed at the top, select any of which you want to video, and probably might like to follow the user after watching his/her reels video.

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