Bolt is one of the easiest means of transporting now by road, it’s affordable, comfortable, and fast. Request your ride with bolt today and get maximum satisfaction.

Instead of waiting in a motor park to get a car to your destination while not sit back in the comfort of your home and get a ride through the bolt service.

If you are still looking for the fastest means of getting a pickup and you don’t know how to go about it, in this article I would be showing you how you can make your movement easy and comfortable.

Bolt is an Estonian transportation company that was found and headed in Tallinn, Estonia.

Markus Villing is the founder of bolt service in august 2013. This service has gone crossed over 30 countries in Africa, Europe, and North America, etc.

How To Get The Bolt App On Your Phone

Bolt has made it easy for everyone to access their services just by having this app on his/her and you are good to go using the app to get a ride to any of your destination in your cities

Kindly use the steps to get the bolt app on your phone.

  • Go to your google play store/App Store on your mobile devices
  • Type in the search box BOLT
  • Click on it to install
  • Open it and register.
  • You are done.

Congrats you just completed the first step by getting the app installed on your mobile phone. Next, we shall be looking at how you can request a ride with bolt app from the comfort of your zone.

How to request a ride with both apps.

Below are the simple steps you can apply while you want to request a ride.

  • Open the bolt app which you have already installed
  • Type your destination on the destination search box ( Note your phone location has to be on so the map can pick your present location)
  • The information’s of the get and minutes arrival of your request ride
  • Click confirm if you are OK with the information
  • You would get a call from the driver with the number you are registered with, that’s why it’s important to register your active number
  • I’m sure your ride is available for you to start your journey.

Whiles, you are excited about the ride you requested for its advisable you properly check the car before entering making sure it’s actually the ride you ordered for. Enjoy your ride!!!!!!!!!!!

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