How to Register Your Business on Google | Register Your Business on Google for Free

All over the word today, every is gradually getting the knowledge about the various uses of the internet and its range of application in so many things around us. Also, it is unarguably true that the internet has become a tool we may not be able to do without. So with the introduction of Google my Business, the application of the internet in growing our business has been very much welcomed by business men and women all over the world. In this article, you will be shown how to register your business on Google so hang in there as I take you through these simple steps.


Are you experiencing a difficult time registering and owning your Business on Google? Or do you have an already existing Business, but you are yet to have it registered on Google to boost your coverage. In today’s business environment, the advantage of registering your Business on Google can not be over emphasized, especially in situations of today where there are too many competitions out there.

Steps on How to Register Your Business on Google

Before now, you wouldn’t have imagined that registering your business on Google could be that simple, well here are the simple steps to take and you will be on your way to not just reaching millions of customer all over the world but you will be getting updates on latest Business trends.

  1. The first and very important step is to first of all open a personal Gmail account for your business.
  2. Then you go on and log on to and then click on Google Places
  3. In the next page, you will find the option to add new business.
  4. Once you have clicked on the add new business icon, another page will pop up for you to input your business details that include name, phone number, address, etc. Also, you can as well add your opening hour, stocks available and many more!
  5. So when you have completed the above steps, you can then go ahead and click on the submit icon.

While you have clicked on the submit button, you will be sent a pin to confirm your business. Then once it has been confirmed, voila! Your business comes alive on Google my Business and it available for customers all over the world in about 12 hours after the confirmation has been done.

Here Are the Benefits of Registering Your Business

For those that are new on the Google my Business platform, this is just a little insight to what you stand to benefit from the registering your business on Google:

  • On this platform, you will know the number of people that are aware of your business online.
  • By registering your Business on Google, you have created a medium that helps maintain cordial relationship between yourself and customers for your online business.
  • The registration of your business online increases your customer base because you can as well link your business to Google Ad and enjoy more patronages.

I hope you this piece has been very helpful, and I believe you will waste no time in registering your business on Google.

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