How to Recharge Your FASTag Using Google Pay App

FASTag re-energize can come invaluable once you’re heading out from one city to an alternate and don’t have an adequate dauntlessness in your FASTag account. Different applications supply FASTag re-energize decisions. In this content, we’ll talk about how one can re-energize your FASTag using Google Pay. Google dispatched UPI re-energize decision for FASTag clients via the Google Pay application in January last year. It empowers you to just re-energize your FASTag account that you need to use to make consistent cost reserves though crossing city borders in India.

Prior to getting started, you should see that it’s crucial to know your FASTag-giving monetary establishment to re-energize correctly. You also should hyperlink your FASTag account sooner than making any re-energizes.

How to Recharge Your FasTag using Google Pay

Since you’ll need to hyperlink your FASTag account first, under are the means that cowl the connecting half notwithstanding present the important part about how one can re-energize your FASTag using Google Pay.

  • Open the google pay app on your android or iOS device
  • Click on the new payment button
  • Type ‘FasTag in the search bar
  • Scroll down to search the issuing bank of your FasTag and select the exact one
  • Tab on the ‘Get began’ icon
  • You would be required to register your car quantity and also provide an account title resembling ‘My car’ or the title of your automobile sample for simple entry now or later
  • Click on ‘Link Account’ button
  • Review your account information to be sure it’s correct also with the account holder title and car quantity
  • After reviewing, click on ‘Link Account’
  • Your FasTag account is now linked with Google Pay
  • After this process is done, you will get a notification that might have your FASTag account. Click on the pay button from there to make the cost
  • Tab on the pay button from the bottom of the screen
  • You will be asked to enter your UPI pin to proceed the cost.

When the cost is finished, you will acquire a SMS message out of your financial records connected with Google Pay. You’ll moreover be able to make future assets to your connected FASTag account on the Google Pay application by going to the Businesses and payment part.

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