Google Hangout.

Google hangout in an online community developed and owned by Google which allows conversations between two or more persons, sharing of images, videos, and voice recordings, and this can only be done through Gmail or google +website or mobile apps.

Google hangout was developed on 15 May 2013 of which it was originally a feature of Google + before it became a full standalone product in 2013. Google hangout is now part of the G suite line of products which consists of two products (Google meet and Google chats).

Hangout is free to use all you need to do is just get the app on your phone, sign up and start conversing with your friends, share photos or videos, etc.

Below I would be showing you how you can get the hangout app and sign up as well.

How to google hangout on your mobile phone.

Getting the hangout on your mobile device is very simple just follow the steps below and get your app and this app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

  • Open to your play store or app store
  • Enter Hangout on the search box
  • Click on install and open.

How to sign up for google hangout.

I would be showing you how you can easily get signed up on google hangout and start using the app.

For android users.

  • Open to the hangout app on your mobile phone
  • Choose a google account or if you don’t have a google account you can create one instantly
  • Click sign in
  • Carefully follow the steps to verify your phone number.
  • You can choose to skip that process if you don’t want to.

Note. Letting google verify your phone number allows people to find you easily.

For iPhone users.

  • Open your Hangout app on your phone
  • Select get started
  • Select a google account or sign in to another google account
  • Follow the steps to get verified with your phone number

For PC/laptop users

  • Enter the website
  • Input your google information’s
  • Select sign in.

How to use hangout on your android, iPhone, and pc

Not everyone is familiar with the hangout style so I would be showing you how to start using the app to start a conversation.

  • Open your hangout app on your mobile phones or open to hangout on your pc
  • Click on New conversation at the bottom right or top right of either your mobile phones or pc
  • Type and choose a person’s name or email address
  • Type your message, you can as well use emoji’s, images or sticker
  • Click on send.


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