The google classroom is a free online service invented by google for schooling purpose which is aimed at creating, sharing and grading assignments, one of the sole aims of the invention is to aid the sharing of files between teachers and students, it is estimated that 40 to 100 million users now use this to learn.

This idea was developed by Google and was released 12 august 2014, its basically for educational purpose, the google classroom makes use of docs, sheets, slides, calendar, and Gmail to help aid the communication between teacher and students. Students can be invited to join a classroom section via code or through an automatic school domain, each class can have their separate folder in the respective user’s drive where the students can submit assignments and be graded by teacher and teachers and as well create, distribute and mark assignment within the ecosystem. The google calendar functions whereas all assignments would be summited in their due dates, teachers can monitor the performance of their students by reviewing the revision history of a document and after which teachers can make comments on the works done and return to the students.

Google classroom is available for both android users and iPhone users, which is free.

Below I would be showing you how you can download, register, and join the google classroom.


This app is not limited to any user all you need do is to follow these steps and get the app and start engaging in the classroom activities.

  • Open your Google play store on your android device
  • Enter GOOGLE CLASSROOM on the search box
  • Click on install

For iPhone or iPad users

  • Open to your App store
  • Search and install the GOOGLE CLASSROOM APP.

How to register to join the google classroom.

Below are the few steps in registering.

  • Register your account. (You can use this link
  • Accept security permissions
  • Enter your access code
  • Import your classes
  • You can now start.

How to join a google classroom.

Joining a classroom can be done in two ways which would be listed below.


The code would be mentioned or sent to you from your teacher so you can join a classroom using that code.

  • Sign in to your classroom account
  • Click on classroom
  • Click on join class with this sign + at the top right of the screen
  • Enter the class code and click join.

                  JOIN WITH AN INVITE.

Your teacher would have to send you an invite via your email for you to join the google class.

  • Open to the invite sent to you via mail
  • Click on the link
  • Tab on classroom
  • Click on join.


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