Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is an official program that allows you to run ads on your website, blog, YouTube videos, Facebook page which generate income for you whenever visitors click on them or visit your page. This one fast way new blogs and website can generate income.

The google AdSense program is totally free to join, all you need do is just to apply for it and was your application is verified then you are good to go using the google AdSense on your website or blog, also monetizing your blog or website doesn’t require a period of time, you can choose to add the google AdSense on your new blog or website so it can start generating income for you, there are different types of the ad option to choose from that would fit into your blog or website. One great thing about the google AdSense is that it pays direct to your account if you only you can reach its target of a $100 per month if not there would be a roll over to the next month.

You can also choose to run AdSense on multiple blogs or website from on AdSense account.

Types of google AdSense.

Google gives you the different options of AdSense available to run on your blog or website, so you can choose the suitable one to apply on your blog or website.

  • TEXT. This is a kind of ads that makes use of words either as an AD unit or link unit. This comes in different sizes of which you can also customize the colour of your text, link and box.
  • IMAGES. This is a graphic ads that shows in your blog or website, it comes in different sizes and on this type of ads you can choose to mix images and text ads together.
  • ADSENSE FOR SEARCH. This gives you access to have a search box on your website or blog, it allows users to conduct a search on your website or blog when this is done a search result page opens with an AdSense. Also you can customise the search scheme of the search page.

How Google AdSense Pay.

I’m sure this is most interesting part everyone want to read about, infarct this is main reason users would choose use google AdSense.

First I want you to understand that the google AdSense is not a get rich quick program but surly you would earn from it as much work as you put in that’s what you get paid for.

Google AdSense pays every month either through direct deposit or cheque of your earnings. Your earnings must be a $100 or above before you can be eligible to withdraw from google AdSense, if less than a $100 there would be a roll over to the next month until its get to a $100 then you would be granted access to withdraw your income. For each time you get to a $100 threshold, google would give out a payment on the next payment period. You can also see your current earning in your AdSense account.

Tips for maximizing google AdSense revenue.

Making a reason amount of money with AdSense requires you adhering to certain rules.

  • Don’t click on your ads
  • Do not ask people to click on your ads
  • Create good content your target market wants to read
  • Use organic traffic to build your website
  • make your website/blog is optimised for mobile
  • max out the ad placement
  • gave ads above the fold
  • read and obey google rules
  • add in content ads for people to see
  • monitor your result
  • Always read emails from google.

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