On this special content, I would be revealing some tips to you on how you find hidden friends on Facebook, kindly read through carefully.

I’m sure most of you would be asking why some of your friends are hiding their friend list, is it that they don’t want people to take away their friends from them or what, well I can’t really tell what their reason for doing that might be but from my own little understanding some persons hide their friend lists for security purposes but never the less I would be showing you how you can see their friend list.

 All you need to do is read carefully and follow the given procedures and within a few secs or minutes, you would get to see all their friends.

For everyone on the Facebook, the platform has a friend list of their own which can either be made public for people to see or not, but some friends prefer everything about them private and so they tend to hide the profile and including their friend list from the been public to private

On the norm, once you are friends with anyone on this platform it is expected that you have access to see the person’s profile and including his/her friend list but suddenly it’s just so unfortunate that you can’t access some friends profile like that.

Some persons are aware of this technique while some are not aware but in this content, I would be sharing with you two ways you can actually see your friend’s friend lists when hidden.

We have below the

• Use Social media revealer

• Non-usage of social media revealer.


Carefully follow the steps under this technique and you would be amazed how easy it is to uncover hidden friends from Facebook.

With the aid of this social media revealer users on this platform have been given access to see all hidden friends just by using these techniques and applying them correctly.

• You should have a pc that has chrome installed on it.

• install social media revealer from chrome web store

• After the installation of the app, you can now proceed to

• search for the person profile in which you want to see his/her friends

• Open your social media revealer and then, click on see friends.

• Then a tab would be opened to you which entails all the friends on the list of that actual person you searched


  Just in case the first method does not work out for you then I’m sure this step would work out for you.

All you need do is to just carefully follow these steps below and you would get it done.

• open your Facebook app, search on the friend you want to see his/her friend list

• Open to any of the image posts, find “fbid =” copy the number after it but stop before the “&” character.

• Open a new tab and paste “http//

• You should change the numbers between search/………../* and enter the one you originally copied.

• After inputting the numbers then you click on ENTER

• You would definitely see the all friends of that person.

So with these few tips, you should be able to carry out the work and see for yourself.

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