Facebook vanish mode feature now available on messenger.

Facebook vanish mode feature now available on messenger – With the help of vanish mode, one can now chat privately without getting too worried about his or her chats. The vanish mode feature makes messages disappear after they have been seen by the receiver and the conversation closed. Using the vanish mode, it notifies users of any screenshot taken by the receiver. 

The Facebook vanish mode is an opt-in, therefore, both users will have to enter the vanish mode to activate it. Users can also set chats to delete messages immediately they have been seen.

Vanish mode is optional and can be turned on or off on any particular chat. Users are to know that the vanish mode feature can only be active on individual chats and not group chats. And also the messages that are vanished will not be seen on chat history.

The vanish mode feature is very easy to operate, you just need to swipe up on your mobile device in an existing chat. To change back to your regular chats swipe up again.

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