Facebook messenger group video chat

Facebook has been updating us with new features recently and here is a new one which is the Facebook messenger group video chat, this new feature is ready to kick out some exiting video apps that we have been using before now because the number of users on Facebook is much more than the people using the other apps and which Facebook users would find much more interesting.

Who would have thought that you and I can video chat on Facebook messenger, well nothing is impossible these days because Facebook keeps coming up with new inventions just to keep their user’s interest much more alive to use Facebook the more, so you should expect much more from Facebook.

Facebook messenger has made video call possible today not just with one user but you can choose to do this with a group of persons. To do this you need to update to the newest version of the Facebook messenger app then you can access this feature.

How does Facebook messenger group video chat work?

I would be showing you how you can use the new Facebook messenger group video chat, carefully follow the steps below.

  • Click on the chat with any of your friends
  • select on the video call icon at the top
  • Click on the plus sing that would show on your screen to add other users, but if you did not see such sign double tap on your screen and the sign would show.
  • You can add other users to the group video call.

Do you also know you can have several meetings with different people online from their different locations, yes you and all you need do is to create your video room and add participants that you want or probably create the messenger video link and send it to them and once this is done people in the group can have access to your profile.

To create a room and link is very simple and I would be showing you below.

How to create your video chat room/link.

  • Open the messenger app
  • Select the People tab at the bottom right of your screen
  • Click on create room and select the people to join the room
  • This room is not only limited to messenger users, but you can also invite none messenger users by sharing the video link with them.

Iā€™m sure some persons are tired of the normal chatting and they need some more revealing and exciting to share with their friends, now you have the Facebook messenger group video chat.

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