Facebook Messenger API Now Supports I.G Messaging

Facebook Messenger API Now Supports Instagram Messaging – API which in full means (Application Programming Interface) is a tool set for programmers to use in helping them create software. API delivers a user’s request to the system and delivers the response back to the user. The API messenger allows two applications to talk to each other. The API makes it easier for people to reach their customers across another application.

Messaging and communication is a very important tool for business promotion and customer satisfaction helping businesses connect with brands in personal ways. A new feature on Facebook messenger API which now supports Instagram Messaging. Businesses can access a customer’s conversation within applications in their daily workflow.

This update will also be able to use photos, URL links and work with developers to integrate API with their product and customer database which will provide the same experience on Instagram as on messenger

The messenger API now allows businesses to manage messages introduced by people throughout their Instagram presence, profile shops, and stories. Business-oriented people can now manage their customers via communication on Instagram by integrating Instagram Messaging with their business Apps and workflows driving more meaningful conversation and customer satisfaction.

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