I will be showing how to find people on Facebook just by using their Facebook locations. Identifying users with their location on Facebook could be easy for you and me if only you would follow these few steps below carefully.

Facebook location helps you to know the specific location of a user both for new or old friends. All you need do is just to search for the location of any user and you would get what you are looking for.

Now in doing these activities, it’s different from the location that is always displayed on one’s profile which is seen as (LIVES IN), some users lie about their current city where they live while some don’t although it can still help you know the location of a user as long as it is been displayed on the user profile.


Kindly follow the steps that would be listed below accordingly to see users locations.

  • Open to your Facebook APP either on your phone or your PC
  • Click on the search box which is at the top part of your Facebook page
  • Type in the name of the person you want to locate
  • Click on search
  • Click on the PEOPLES TAB that’s is shown on the top left side of your page ( this is to indicate that you are specifically looking for people bearing that name which you have entered)
  • select on the CITY tab, it is displayed at the right side below close to the people tab.
  • A new pop would come up on your screen, CLICK on the FIND CITY search box.
  • Enter the name of the city you think the person is residing, and you would get to see so many suggestions of people who stay area that city.
  • Carefully scroll and look at the suggestions that would be displayed.
  • Once you can see the profile you are looking for then click on the profile of that person.
  • It would open up the person’s profile to you immediately.

you should found these steps easy for you to follow and you got what you are looking for.

This is how to find people using their location just by following these simple steps and trust me this won’t take much of your time.

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