Facebook Friend request |how to check mutual friends.

having friends can be done in either ways,sending or receiving the Facebook friend request. We all know that social media is one of the biggest platforms that gives us access to connect to friends from all over the world both known and unknown friends.

Facebook has been one of the biggest social media platforms if not the biggest that has a wider range of people from the world. If actually making friends on social media is interest or challenge then you should read this article.

Facebook gives access to make up to 5000 friends on its platform which includes family, known friends and unknown friends, wow isn’t that amazing.

Ways you can connect to friends on Facebook




AUTO-SUGGESTION. This is one of the ways Facebooks suggest a friend to anyone due to the information that has been uploaded on his/her profile which can include your place of work, school, your area of interest, and lots more.

once this information is been identified with someone else’s interest then an auto-request would be sent to you immediately and this is why some persons come across a strange request on Facebook because they don’t know the person from anywhere but they didn’t know that they share some common interest.

RECEIVING OF REQUEST. This is an intentional request that is sent to you by someone known or unknown to you. the Facebook plate form is a very big one so people are allowed to check into each other profiles and if anyone finds interest in anyone’s profile then the person can send a request if he/she likes. And once you accept the request then you both are now friends on Facebook

SENDING OF REQUESTS. This act is basically done by you, the same way people send you a request you can also request for them to add you up as a friend and once that is done and the person accepts you then you can both can become friends.

So these are the basic ways in which people add up friends on Facebook and of which if you follow some tips you would get as many friends and friend requests as possible.

Next, I would be showing you how to check mutual friends on Facebook.


So many persons on this platform share a lot of friends with each other which are unknown to them, to some persons they are aware probably because they have known each other beyond the Facebook platform.

the Facebook has a listed of which everyone friends are been listed and kept on a section of the profile and that list helps you to know the number of friends that each person have made on Facebook and at the right side of it is a list of mutual friends that you share with someone.

• open your Facebook app

• click on the search box on the top of your page

• type the person’s name that you want to search about

• scroll down to see his/her friend list

• click on mutual friends

• There you can see all the friends you both share, some persons have over a thousand mutual friends while some heave below.

With this little information, you should be able to know your actual friends and auto-suggested friends. 

You should also be able to check your mutual friends with your friends on Facebook.

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