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You want to learn how to get rid of Facebook comments on your post then you should read up this content and follow the basic steps that have been provided below.

As we all know Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms if not the biggest now and therefore one cannot restrict the number of users but instead you can control what happens on your particular account.

It’s so funny how some persons post their comments on a post that’s either not relating to their comment or has nothing to do with them but for the sake of commenting, they would just want to post a comment on that exact post.

The best thing to do whenever you see such a thing is just to delete it and save yourself the stress of finding who posted such comment and of course I would be showing you how you can delete such Facebook comment whenever you see them. It might be the point at which you do any of the accompanyings:

  • Post a connection link
  • Upload a photograph
  • Upload a video
  • Do a live streaming
  • Update your status

A few people see these remarks however don’t realize that erasing it is conceivable. If you have a fan page on Facebook or if you are attempting to promote a result of yours, these remarks can drive individuals away or give them a terrible vibe about what you are publicizing. Simply a similar way you can alter posts on Facebook, you additionally have an alternative to erase any substance you posted or any remark about what you posted.

Step by step instructions to Delete Facebook Comment

Erasing a Facebook Comment on Desktop, Android, iPhone follows diverse yet straightforward cycles.

For Desktop

  • Find the post on your Home Page
  • Explore your way to the remark
  • Alongside the specific remark, you will see three little circles which are together
  • Tab on it
  • Select “Erase Comment”

For Android

  • Find the comment in your Facebook android application
  • Tab on the bolt situated at the correct side of the remark
  • Select “Erase”

For iPhone

  • Get your way to the comment you want to erase on the Facebook application
  • Close to the comment, you will see a V button
  • Tab on it
  • To dispose of the comment click “Erase”

You can see now that erasing a remark on Facebook is as simple as ABC.

Presently you can erase only any Facebook comments you do like and leave your comments area liberated from irritating and undesirable posts. There is no biggie in doing this. Try not to permit individuals to attack your security and cause you to feel you can’t take care of business since you really can.

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