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eBay is a commercial online shopping where buying and selling go on from customer – customer, business – the customer. On eBay, you can find whatever you are looking for to buy.

eBay is an American multinational e-commerce business based in San Jose, California. This was established by Pierre Omidyar on Sept 3, 1995, eBay is one of the successful online business in the world today with operations in over 33 countries.

eBay as to do with online marketing which involves the company managing the eBay website also an online auction and shopping website whereby users can buy and sell different kinds of goods at a wide range. This website is almost free for every user but most especially for buyer’s whiles for sellers, they get to pay for their listed goods after the limited space for free listings, and also when the items are sold.

So if you are interested in selling or buying things online and you need a trustworthy site to do that you can visit eBay today @ www.ebay.com or you can choose to get the app on your phone to make it easier.

Where and How to Get the eBay app on mobile phones.

The eBay app is available for all internet phones uses android or iPhone phones and trust me with this app it is easy to monitor, create, and edit your listed goods online. Also, it helps you to give quick feedback to your customers or bidders interested in your list.

For android users.

  • Open to your play store on your mobile phone
  • Type in the search box, eBay
  • Click on install and open.

For iPhone or iPad users.

  • Open to your app store
  • Search for eBay
  • Install and open the app.

How to create listings on eBay.

If you are willing to sell or you have an item you want to sell and you want to list it on eBay for the buyer to see then here is how to go about it.

  • Open to the eBay app on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the selling page
  • Select list an item
  • Scan your item barcode to add up product details from the catalog or
  • Take a picture of the item and add up directly to your listing.

How to get notifications from eBay using your mobile app.

You must put on your notification to enable you to stay in track with your items and respond to customers quickly, it would also enable you to get new updates from other eBay activities.

  • Open to your eBay app
  • Click on settings
  • Select eBay in notifications
  • Click ON to allow notifications
  • Choose which notifications you would like to be getting from eBay to keep updated in the activities going on.

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